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Spanish night

May 23, 2024

7:30 pm

- 9:30 pm



Event overview

You are invited to join us on this wonderful night to enjoy the magic of Flamenco dance and music by this group of amazing performers From the beginning of humanity dance, music and culture in general it has, is and for sure will be for ever one of the most important tools of communication known to man. In the world we live in full of migrations it is important to have the right tools to manage , understand, and make easy this process of culture integration; there were words can’t talk, music and dance can open thousands of doors, to make us feel each other’s, to understand to communicate in an assertive way. In the case of Flamenco is even more latent because this particular form of cultural expression it is the fruit of so many different cultures together, shaped by the history itself . Named Worldwide intangible cultural Heritage by UNESCO on the year 2010 , and we can denied it is a form of music and dance able to scratch our souls at the same time that caress our senses ,All this elements make Flamenco so rich as a source of expression ,so powerful and easy to understand for everyone .WE are bringing with us this group of amazing artists each one of them with a long background working as professional representants of this amazing form of expression. The group of artists Guitar Player. Luis el Salao, Luis is one of the most iconic Flamenco guitar of accompaniment on nowadays and taking part in the most important scenarios of this form of art , he on the last 25 years it has being playing for the most important singers and dancers of the history of Flamenco of this times. Sandra Palomar (la bronze)Flamenco dancer She is the passion made dance, of her hands we can see the power the sweetness the deep of this powerful form of dance she is the Flamenco soul itself, with an entire life dancing and developing Flamenco dance culture all around the world as a teacher and performer , producer she live in Ireland for the last 11 years were she teach Flamenco and promote Spanish culture. Ramon Heredia., Flamenco dancer Drum Player With a Ramon powerful expression and unbelievable technical skills this dancer is an amazing treasure , he will left the public on an amazing state of admiration. He has being dancing and touring around the world with his dance in very important dance companies such as Farrukito, Spanish ensemble but name few.Jose Santiago, Flamenco singerHis voice is a real scratch in our souls in a deep and subtly way , a perfect balance between sweetness and power , he will bring to Ireland the real essence at is most pure style of Flamenco singing Maika Romero The stunning beauty of her deep expression will make us feel as we are in Spain , she have a repertory of Spanish songs ( not only Flamenco ) such as copla, Pasodoble Rumba and more .

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