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As part of a program of events to mark Brigid 1500, funded by Kildare County Councils and organised and arranged locally by Brid Brophy on behalf of the Athy Community Arts centre,an intergenerational group met in the Athy Community Arts Centre from April to November 2023 for willow weaving workshops. It started in World intergeneration week in association with DCU Dublin. Present and taking part were three generations ranging in age from a 6 month babe in arms to 84 years of age. Beth Murphy from Willow Wonder having a long association with Athy was delighted to facilitate the group. “Willow Weavers”. Individuals shared their skills and stories and built community through dialogue ,laughter ,fun and lots of cups of tea and bikkies., where everyone’s voice matterd .“The more people become themselves, the better the democracy” (Freire, 1990), as was also the way of St Brigid, shining her light on everyone no matter what their social position.

The group made representations of Brigid and these are now in the Church of the Assumption in Vicarstown, once again returning St. Brigid to her place in the Nativity. Many group members are delighted that these creations are now here in the church where they were christened and baptised.

In 2024, these “Brigid’s” will form part of the Brigid 1500 celebrations in Co. Kildare.

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